Chromatic Vibrations

Color, in its mysterious way, is a vehicle of trascendentale meaning and has been used since the dawn of time to express power, majesty, purity, passion, love, celebration, joy and mourning. It has been the focus of my work for many years. Bright and vivid colors express my “joie de vivre” and reflect my observations of the most beautiful patterns of light that appear in the sky on a glorious Umbrian day or while watching an amazing sunset. Color vibrates everywhere and is so inspirational to me that it is the fundamental elementof my art. In my more somber paintings, I look to create a mysterious emergence of ephemeral light within the darkness to express hope. In some works you will find marks and writings of little meaning that appear and disappear.

“Color is everything, color is vibration like music and everything is vibration” Mark Chagal

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